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Someone who has no business in politics, yet they still believe they are smart enough to talk about the subject.
Travis: Doodbro, what the hell is that dumbass talking about?
Matt: Don't make fun of him, his politically Retarded.
by Mattbro December 20, 2008
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Born idiots who term people with a brain as "politically correct". While they claim to be saying whatever they want to say all they actually try to do is rant and impose their ideas upon other people. They are complete liars and hypocrites and always change their story whenever their claims are proved false. Such people have an archaic mindset and are the biggest enemies of progression. Most usually a conservative.
Max: That piece of crap was hurling abuses at me and calling me politically correct. All that motherfucka kept doing was lying and imposing his opinion.

Vinny: Forget that fool, he's politically retarded.
by Exposer noman February 20, 2015
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