When you invite others to a gathering via group chat thus making it harder on the host to refuse
Imposing this on the group chat. I'm sure it's cool if y'all come!
by Siemprefresco March 4, 2016
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Tending to force something unwelcome or unwanted to be accepted or put in its place.
He was very imposive on anyone who crossed his path.
by DefinedWords October 16, 2016
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Someone who thinks they can be something without a degree. Ex photographer
I don't have a degree in photography but pretend I can take pics so I'm an imposer
by That man February 26, 2017
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One who sneaks into the background of a person or group of people posing for a picture, usually making a face or picking their nose, totally unbeknownst to the photographer.

Sometimes, the savvy photo-imposer will even squeeze in with a group of friends posing for a *guest phtographer.
Guy showing off pictures at work- "Here we are in New York, see the Statue of Liberty behind us?"
Co-worker- "Yeah, but whos that guy next to you scratching his nuts?"

Bill: Here we are at Joe's party, what a blast!
Dave: Who the hell is the guy next to you putting his tounge in your ear???
Bill: Damn photo-imposer, Janet said he grabbed her ass during the picture.
by topsidejoe September 18, 2007
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When a girl sucks your dick and balls at the same time.
Man, that chick was sooo good at giving head, she was able to complete the mission imposible.
by Chauncey Hollinsworth May 24, 2004
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Where you are trying to hold in a deep breath but then unintentionally do something that obliges you to "pop" whether ya want to or not.
I was competing with a couple of friends to see who could hold his breath the longest, and I was reading the daily newspaper-comics to distract me from my respiratory discomfort. Then I read a cartoon that really struck me funny and so I hadda laugh --- talk about self-imposed exhale!
by QuacksO October 24, 2018
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