American Born Chinese. Sometimes generally, a Chinese born "overseas" (in America).
I am an ABC, and I'm planning a trip to China next summer. Great Wall here I come!!!
by talk2me-JCH2 February 17, 2022
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Asshole Ball Connection..aka gooch, taint, the land down under, grundle
yo kareem smells like he got a rotten ABC
by lil franksta November 11, 2011
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Abbreviation for "American Born Chinese." Means a kid whose parents emigrated from China or Taiwan and are fobs.

The common connotation is of a person who speaks Chinese with an American accent, English with a Asian accent, and can't use chopsticks properly.

Most likely forced to pick up the piano or violin at a young age and/or sent to Chinese school. Often pressured to attain perfect SAT scores or straight A's in school.
Chinese person: *speaks perfect chinese*
ABC: how ma? ^^;;
Chinese person: Aya~ You are ABC.
by Dotted Line July 15, 2005
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ass-ball conector, this is self explanitory and synonymous to grundle or nifkin
i need to shave my ABC
by Anthony Zavarelli July 10, 2002
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Abbreviation for "American Born Chinese".
A child who is born in America and has two Chinese parents born in China. Their parents usually push them too hard because they were born in America and not China. They usually sign them up for piano and/or violin, computer and/or math clubs, Chinese school, and usually not sports. The ABC's parents don't let them have any friends and acquaintances, and whenever they are in public, they look ashamed to have them as a child.
Guy on the street in Chinatown: IS YAW SUN ABC?
ABC's parent: *nods silently*

(***awkward silence***)
by ChocoNips July 7, 2009
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Already Been Chewed - or American Broadcasting Company. Virtually the same thing.
by the girl July 27, 2003
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