It can't always be an offensive word, some people use it as better way of saying "hey".
Eyy William!
by Bead beaver January 13, 2021
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a greeting usually associated with chongas.
Eyy gurrl! Eyy look at dat puta tryn to mack on javi!
by Deezy Escalator February 22, 2010
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Word used to give or emphasise a sexual connotation.
Can be used to alleviate awkwardness in tense situations or turn an innocent remark into something vulgar and sexual, much in the manner of "that's what she said".
Ex 1
Guy #1: "I fucked Lillian last night."
Guy #2: "Eyy!"

Ex 2
Guy #3: "You're only making it hard for yourself."
Guy #4: "Eyy!"
by shoeaddiikt February 16, 2009
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1. solid water that has been frozen due to reaching melting point of 0 degrees celsius
2. not to be confused with eyes
What is your favourite type of eyis? Mine is snoe
Does eyis give you a brain freeze?
by louafsique July 05, 2020
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He's the token Asian of the group that has the bitchs,drugs,and the money and he goes out of his way to protect his crew and fam
"Yo eyi can I get a bitch?"
"Hey eyi this dude tried to run up on me dawg!" "I say we kill him and his fam"
by broke smith March 02, 2016
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A slang term meaning "Hello, what are you doing?"
Friend 1: hey dude

Friend 2: eyy sup

Friend 1: not much man
by Djmuzz October 17, 2010
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An annoying way of saying yes, has a Hispanic background. This is severely annoying, and is usually done with a Mexican accent.
the second part is pronounced like "hey" without the "H"
Marisela: Hey Sydney do you like syrup?

Sydney: Mmmm eyy.

Marisela: You asshole!
by Miles at the Matinee February 28, 2010
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