Dipped on: The difinition for "dipped out" usually discribes a action of a person or persons who is running or running from someone or people and usually gets away. It may also be used to describe some in a sporting event.
Like..."I seen this dude running from the cops the other day and that dude dipped out on the cops. If used to describe someone in a sporting event, you may say "the running back cought the ball and dipped out on the defense and scored a touch down"
by Dre27 August 4, 2007
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Hey we are all dipping out
by atvgurl77 October 24, 2013
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to leave a party or someone's house without them knowing; sneaking out; or just plain leaving.
Don't mean to trip out, but bitch, I'm bout to dip out.
by DerrtySouthBaby April 18, 2004
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to exit a party while it is still in full swing or leave a social function early
Tim had to dip out of the neighborhood potluck so he could feed his cats Mitzy and Brown Suga'.
by Go Bucks June 26, 2012
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To leave before things get crazy.

To leave unnoticed.
Alice had to dip out of work early if she was going to beat the 5 o'clock traffic.
by Savion September 9, 2009
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To leave a space without out anyone noticing
Sorry I just had to dip-out of here yesterday.
by Poveros June 6, 2017
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to blow someone off in reference to plans previously discussed; to not show up; to decide not to go through with plans at the last minute.
"Are we ever going to hang out? We always talk about it, but then you dip out at the last minute"
by roccosmodernlife May 22, 2009
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