"Are you coming to the cinema?"
"Nah, Poke it."
by Steve Clatworthy February 25, 2005
someone who is annoying as fuck and says phrases such as:

"i like pie," "poke-poke," "insert animal sound"
"Kim is actually just the biggest poke-poke ever, i can't stand hanging out with her for my than like 5 minutes because she is so annoying."
by rose97 February 10, 2012
A nickname for the COVID-19 vaccine. It's injected via shot, hence "the poke".
Jimmy: Hey Joe, are you going to be getting the poke?
Joe: Hell no, I'm gonna wait 2 years and see if there's any side effects
by toffeebulu March 29, 2021
What my mom tells me not to be doing to any girls at the age of 15.
"Now Jake don't go around poking any girls"
by Jake May 3, 2004
a slang term in reference to sexual intercourse; see also: bone
all my friends are dying to poke me.
by Evan June 26, 2002
in northern ireland poke is another word for ice cream on a cone. so if offered a poke u are not being offered sex!
if you hear the term "pokie" this refers to the seller of the ice cream. usually in a van or other mobile stall.
"fancy a poke" "aye go on!"

"who wants a poke"
by 182appleshampoo April 21, 2009