When you plant yourself face first into the ground with your ass up in the air, arms flat on the ground. Looks like you just ''don't a fuck, and you gave up on life''. More common among drunken douche bags which could count as a new meme, or faith hilling.

This can be applied on the grass after you missed a football catch from a friend.
Middle of the road or street (Don't do that you idiot).
On top of a car.
On top of a fat chick sleeping.
After being rejected by a bitch.
At the gym in front of a muscle dummy.
After realizing, banging that fat chick wasn't a good idea.
After any type of failure, and you just give up.
booty in the air face to the groundPlanting, like you're planting yourself into the ground the way racoome is when Goku,(from Dragon Ball Z) elbows the fuck out of him causing him to collapse
by thatdouchebagyouknow May 28, 2012
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The action of putting any sort of plant seeds inside a woman’s vagina before, during, or after sex and letting them grow inside of her until she has a plant coming out of her pussy.
Me and my girlfriend tried planting and in 9 months we should have a sunflower.
by Ur Local Farmer June 1, 2020
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Running with great force and jumping against an elevated flat surface while horizontal.
by _Johnny-boy July 31, 2011
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To be thrown into the ground with significant force and impact. Common in combat sports such as Judo, Wrestling and MMA. Often involves the thrower falling on top of his/her opponent, resulting in a more severe impact.

Without the protection of mats, planting your opponent can often result in serious injury and death, and is often a fight-ending move.

Harai Goshi and O Soto Gari are common judo techniques that can be used to plant somebody.
He couldn't stand up for 5 minutes after getting PLANTED! He should not have agreed to fight with a Judoka.
by 69cuntdestroyer February 25, 2018
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an agent of misinformation, placed in a group to deceive, distract, or provoke
That man who keeps starting drama, seemingly for no reason, is suspect of being a plant.
by truthypants November 12, 2011
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Plants are organisms that farm humans, giving them oxygen until they eventually die and then they use the humans bodies as their food/fertilizer
Human 1: this plants looks beautiful
Human 2: I don't trust plants for some reason
by Mask of the Shadow February 16, 2017
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A word used to describe the smell of a plant filled area usually used by intellectuals and the mark lee himself
by Johnny’s coffee July 10, 2020
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