A game where you will lose your innocence in 6th grade. Play if you want to be ruined for the rest of your life!
Max: Bros let’s play pictionary with the girls
Bryce: I’m too young to have my mind ruined
Andrew: pictionary? oh this will be good
Girls: oh no
by hollythedog October 23, 2019
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a boardgame for 4-8 players in which you try to draw a certain word within a time limit; derived from the words "picture" and "dictionary"; the game of quick draw
by El_Scorcho September 18, 2004
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a dictionary that has a lot of illustrations. Another term for illustrated dictionary.
A pictionary has more illustrations than a general dictionary.
by uttam maharjan May 10, 2011
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1. Any UrbanDictionary.com definition with an unnecessary and redundant amount of images posted under it. The pictures aren't posted to provide a visual example of the word being defined like other definitions, but rather just so attention whores can post pictures of themselves, their pets, or post (sometimes) funny image macros.

2. Any Urbandictionary entry with at least 18 images, and/or where the images posted all represent the exact same thing.
Tentative and uncomplete list of words that are currently apart of Urban Pictionary:
George W. Bush
George Bush
World Series
by Secret Police April 11, 2005
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urban pictionary has the same rules as regular pictionary except everything you have to draw is from urban dictionary.....every disgusting sex position, every racial slur, every term of endearment and/or pejoraty.
last nite we played a really fun game called urban pictionary and i had to draw a picture of a woman taking a dump on a man's chest.....my girlfriend had to draw a picture of a jew with scissors through his head and my other friend had to draw a picture of ourselves munging.
by CurvedMirror July 2, 2008
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(n) a version of the game Pictionary in which any of the following are true: (A) all the paper in the notepad has already been scribbled on, (B) all the markers included are black, (C) the timer has been stolen from the box, or (D) the box has a parking ticket taped to it
Urban Pictionary is a slang sketchbook with your pictures. Draw your world.
by BeardedFatass January 9, 2004
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Playing Pictionary using UrbanDictionary words. One captain, two teams, the captain randomly selects a word from the vast and ever growing UrbanDictionary database, shows the teams the word, the teams draw it for their teammate to try and guess what the word is, first team to get the word wins the round.

A game that should totally be made into a real retail game.
Tony: Hey! let's go play Urban Pictionary!
Josh: Fuck yeah! Best Friends!
Tony: This should be a retail game.
by Bboy Lust. April 27, 2009
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