The term, originated in Minneapolis, is used to describe people who have a bunch of randomly poorly done tattoos on their body. Their body looks like a notepad.
Have you seen Nikki Swan's tattoos? Yeah, her body looks like a notepad of bad ideas.
by mrrightsville July 10, 2017
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A simple word processing application that can somehow open any file format imaginable.
by foo2 October 22, 2006
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America's favorite program for:
HTML editing/writing C++ code/writing scripts of various types/writing english reports/writing a list of credit card numbers.
That program notepad is so powerful that it gave me several cancerous tumors in my testicles and eyelids.
by Island of Reebs October 3, 2003
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The term used to express your disinterest when a stranger or friend is telling a long and/or boring story, or is starting a story that sounds boring.

The idea is that you express your boredom by pretending to be taking notes.
guy 1.

'so yeah, I'm an animal nutritionist I feed chickens I can control the size their eggs for major supermarket brands for example..........'

guy 2 to guy 3.

'Hey Man, did you bring your notepad? I'm running out of paper here.'
by Peter Peter foreskin eater April 21, 2010
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a bizzare sexual organ developed by certain cults around west yorkshire it comprises of a small flap of skin resembling a 'post it' note, this ca be rolled up to be shoved inside a woman/man (whatever takes your fancy), have a slit cut in it to become a vagina or rubbed as a weird way of masturbation
first guy:he has a notepad
second guy:he's called daryl
both:hah hah hah hah hah
both:big headed bastard!
by stoneth November 3, 2004
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When someone who's committed sexual harassment gets exposed via screenshots of a notepad on social media, such as Twitter.
Dude can we still be friends with Syed after he got notepadded?
by IbbObb June 12, 2020
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