1119 definitions by uttam maharjan

The US tourists, after visiting Nepal for a month, publiished an emporologue, which quickly caught up with other tourists.
by uttam maharjan May 2, 2011
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animate; having life.
Stone is not an empsychic thing.
by uttam maharjan January 15, 2011
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to rear (a pet) by hand, especially when it has been left by its mother.
She has encaded two puppies.
by uttam maharjan June 8, 2011
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cerebration; thinking; contemplation.
After deep encephalation, he came to the conclusion that he had been thrown off the scent while agreeing to the proposal.
by uttam maharjan January 23, 2012
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the inner part of a city; inurb. Related words: endurbia, endurban, endurbanite, endurbanize, endurbanization, etc.
The endurb is restricted to vehicular movement.
by uttam maharjan October 14, 2011
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to arouse (the feeling, rage, etc.); to make angry.
The firing in the air by the riot cops enflamed the demonstrators and they took to vandalism.
by uttam maharjan July 20, 2011
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