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a moment of great sorrow; a great disaster.
The death of her husband is a skyfall to her.
by uttam maharjan March 23, 2013

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to throw into confusion or disorder; to mess up.
You have higgle-piggled the meeting.
by uttam maharjan December 01, 2010

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short for morning.
One fine morno, he got defenestrated.
by uttam maharjan July 26, 2010

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a leak of secret information; divulging of secret documents or cables.
A wikileak of secret US cables is causing a headache in the USA now.
by uttam maharjan December 12, 2010

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Aussie abbreviation for tradesmen.
The tradies are carrying on brisk biz now.
by uttam maharjan July 25, 2010

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girls or women who are not real sisters but who are considered as such; girls or women who share sisterly relations with one another.
All the sistren of the community have been called to a meeting on the village common.
by uttam maharjan December 01, 2010

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Australian (or Aussie) abbreviation for Tasmanian.
The Tassies are visiting us tomorrow.
by uttam maharjan July 24, 2010

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