Flam Pictionary- A game played by a group of people in order to make fun of a chosen victim. You act out things that a mutually hated person throughout the group has done. It's great because you always win. The answer will always be Flam.
A typical game of Flam Pictionary...

Mary- Okay, guess this one.
Bob- Flam! My turn.
Wahnonah- It's Flam!
by Bahbahblacksheephaveyouanywool September 21, 2010
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A party game played primarily in Arab or Middle Eastern nations, primarily at family gatherings, or otherwise boring parties; which are much more common in these regions, due to a statistically lower intake of unhealthy social lubricants such as alcohol or cocaine. Identical to the popular Western game Pictionary, except generally with better insulated noggins.
Got stuck on Surjid's team in Turban Pictionary last night. The answer was Footloose, but he was too scared to draw bacon (for Kevin Bacon) in front of his grandma and we had to, following the loss of a misunderstood Western style bet, eat our hats... Fancy a a bite of turban, I can barely finish this? At least I'll have a self-wiping ass for a few days.
by Default Damager P2ttP April 25, 2021
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A game like Charades, where instead of drawing pictures to define the word, you actually go out and experience the definition.
Urban Pictionary word: 187 on undercover cop.

While the other team stood by with a sand timer, Glubber, Pokey, and the rest of the team ran out on the street to try to commit the word.
by the Little Kid June 1, 2006
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Surfing, adding to, or promulgating Urbandictionary.com's picture section
Check it out! 93 definitions for 'owned'. Gonna play some Urban Pictionary!
by Absinthe Minded April 8, 2005
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1: Drawing a picture without talking for a friend to guess, the picture leads to hints about the Urban Dictionary word of the day.

2: Drawing a picture without talking for a friend to guess, the picture leads to hints about things found in urban settings, such as prostitution, drug dealing, and murder.
Since we're going through Flint, wanna play Urban Pictionary?
by juicyjay4200 July 19, 2010
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Someone who talks with their hands and uses other nonverbal cues more than using actual words to communicate.
After Donald lost his own mouth in a bet, he became a walking pictionary.
by who who, who who! April 17, 2010
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