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... julian.
Hey heraldo, go get me some chips while you're at it.
by El_Scorcho August 27, 2003
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phrase used to describe one who is chill, not necessarily cool as in 'hip to the hop' but more like, relaxed and chill. not too stoney, but to some extent.
Man, the guy who sits across from us at lunch, he's so chill right now.
I mean, I'm no doctor or anything, but I think I'm able to judge him on a thing like this. I mean, come on, look at him. He's so chill.
by El_Scorcho October 31, 2003
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another way to say that someone is a J.O.C.K.; one who enjoys carrying a gallon of water around wherever he goes, just in case; loves and plays football and believes it's the most important thing in life
Hey, look at that gallon of water sitting on that table over there! Do you think it is the property of a Jolly Old Candy King?
by El_Scorcho September 23, 2004
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this is what you can say to someone when you're typing to them and they go "heheheh"
I made a funny, and you go: heheheh

You can they say "You laugh like bonjovi playing a sting song."
by El_Scorcho September 08, 2003
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A term used to tell chriskaye you know how to "read" him.
I say, "You're wearing your batman shirt?"

C-dawg says "Yeah."

I say "Like a book."
by El_Scorcho September 08, 2003
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a better way of saying "good", because "good" is already so played out.
I knew what you were gonna do. Not only am I precog, but man, I'm godo.
by El_Scorcho September 03, 2003
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