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A city in south-western ontario famous for 2 highly acclaimed universities, the blackberry, and killer ganja.
I'm gonna text on my blackberry while smoking a fat spliff on campus. Only in Waterloo.
by CurvedMirror October 24, 2008

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those stupid brightly coloured neon shoes everyone wears...well, not as much anymore....everyone wore them 2 years ago, it was quite the fad.....they are neon rubber shoes that cost $0.50 to make and sold for $50.
look at that....another idiot kid wearing those stupid crocs.

that store is making a killing selling crocs....but boy are they ugly
by CurvedMirror July 10, 2008

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a talent-less poser band that tries to make everyone think they are punk when they are definitely not.

anyone who thinks they are punk has no clue what punk is and should probably shut up and finish they're homework (fucking teenyboppers). this band has no talent and plays nothing but formulaic cliche poptard music.

the average age group of listeners is 14. anyone older than that who likes good charlotte is just a dumb-fuck preppy who is too stupid to find real music to listen to.
Good Charlotte is NOT punk.

Good Charlotte is listened to by 14 year-old teenybopper little boys.

Good Charlotte, along with Avril Lavigne, have tarnished the punk image with their conformist pop retardations.
by CurvedMirror July 20, 2008

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the year that popular rock music started going down hill.

now we are left with nothing but absolute garbage repeating itself day after day on commercial rock radio.

we now have no choice but to look at the indie scene because rock has become so cliche and formulaic. nobody writes classics anymore. and record company executives don't take risks in signing talented original bands.
popular rock music died in 1998.

1998 is the year that i shut my radio off for good.

thank dog for the internet, or else we would have to go 1998.
by CurvedMirror July 20, 2008

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the idea that censorship is bullshit....nothing needs to be censored.....if you don't want to watch swearing, violence, or sexual content, DON'T WATCH IT! simple as that.....nobody is making you watch it.....they have disclaimers for a reason....and if you don't want your kids watching that shit, tell your kids what they can and cannot watch.....and if they don't listen to you then you are a bad parent for not teaching your kids to do what you say.
every time i watch tv there's nothing but censorshit everywhere.

that movie sucked because of the censorshit.
by CurvedMirror July 02, 2008

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someone who is easily whipped into doing something he/she does not want to do.
she lent him even more money just because he told her to? she is such a push-over.

she tells him to do everything and he does it, he is a push-over.
by CurvedMirror July 01, 2008

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a party containing Pop, Chips, and Parents.

a party usually held by children or the uncool or christian teens.
i met this girl and she took me to a PCP party. i was bored as hell and when i said so they had no idea why. when i asked someone if they had some weed they all got up and turned against me because i guess it's a sin. what a bunch of losers!
by CurvedMirror August 18, 2008

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