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what everyone calls a local pizza place in waterloo, ontario, canada.....the pizza places is actually called Twice The Deal Pizza, but we call it Twice The Wop....even though they are not italian.....a better name for it would be Twice The Paki.
call twice the wop i want to get the godzilla deal!

you always have to tip the delivery dude when you get pizza through twice the wop or your next pizza will have spit on it.
by CurvedMirror July 2, 2008
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A reoccurring segment on the Canadian political/social satire television show "This Hour Has 22 Minutes". In this segment, Rick Mercer talks to Americans and proves to us all how uneducated, ignorant, and utterly stupid many americans are.
Did you see talking to americans last night? Rick Mercer proved once again that many americans are completely unaware of the world outside of the U.S.A.
by CurvedMirror October 24, 2008
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The slurring of words due to extreme sleep deprivation.

Languid + Slurring
They didn't understand me because i was langurring. They thought i was drunk or on hard drugs, but really, i hadn't slept in 9 days.
by CurvedMirror October 24, 2008
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when you shave your pubic hair into a little miniature mohawk.
that punk rock girl had a beautiful crotch-hawk.

my crotch-hawk is 3 inches high when i gel it.
by CurvedMirror July 11, 2008
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The noise made by musicians and songwriters who listen linkin park and want to put a bullet through their brains because it is such horrible music.
The radio gave me a bad case of the linkin farts.

linkin park is so horrible they give smart people linkin farts.
by CurvedMirror July 20, 2008
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I gotta go see the zinamaginy. He will ask me if i have been using my hole in the blanket.
by CurvedMirror October 24, 2008
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It is the condition in which one will complain about social media sites while continuing to use them pretty heavily. The most common social media site to inspire the condition is Facebook.
J: I hate facebook. I hate how it's just a government-spying-corporate-datamining-social-manipulation tool.
Q: Well, then why do you keep checking your news feed, J?

J: Sigh.
Q: Is it possible you've come down with a case of Social Media Stockholme Syndrome?
by CurvedMirror August 5, 2014
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