a homie who is always letting you down. a bitch ass foo that pretends to be your friend but just wants something from you.
muther fucker i cant count on you, your a phony homie.
by emyke80 May 28, 2010
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A woman's ponytail that is entirely made up of weave or extensions.
Everyone can tell that's a phony-tail she's sporting. Yesterday she was damn near bald headed.
by DA GEMINI February 2, 2010
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When a balding man, pretends to have enough hair to pull back into a pony tail.
That guy is practically bald but he's got the four strands on the back of his head pulled back into a phony tail.
by ctfishman December 24, 2009
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A non-Italian acting and dressing like an Italian
YO Dave, I see you're wearing your Phony Tony shirt. Are you going clubbing?
by McNik November 2, 2012
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A person who paints an false or misrepresanative image of ones self on Facebook. Intended to deceive. And create a grand or fabulous life. When in fact it is not the reality.
She is a total Facebook Phony. Always posting pictures and quotes depicting a gloriuosly fabulous life.
by hardwoodstan August 11, 2009
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Basically a person that you see walking down the street that feels the need carry on a fake conversation on their cell phone due to the fact that they are by themselves and want people to think that they are on some important mission or need to be somewhere.
Me and Rebecca were heading to the bar last week and saw Jessica walking down the street by herself, talking on her cell phone. What a cell-phonie she is.
by stuart williams May 24, 2007
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Fake hair, specifically a fake pony tail.
"Cute hair."
"Girl, that's just a phony pony."
by Judy Birgen November 24, 2007
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