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a woman's hair arranged at the back of her head, held together with a band and to be used by a man as a handle while receiving oral sex from a willing female.

A straight ponytail is grasped near the base in a male's fist, medium grip. This allows nice control of the female's head, but is limiting due to awkward bending of the male's wrist. It is a carpal tunnel syndrome hazard for men who receive a high volume of blowjobs. The height of the ponytail on the back of the woman's head can be adjusted for better torque.

Another type of ponytail is the balled ponytail. The straight ponytail is simply folded under itself and tucked back into the band, resembling a ball of hair. Grasped with an open palm, the fingers should meet at the band, thus the "ball" is contained in the man's hand. Called the "palm sander" grip, it allows full control of the woman's head with no wrist strain.

A third type of ponytail is the double ponytail. Two tails are formed toward the rear left and right sides of the female's head. A favorite among bikers as each tail can be grasped by a separate hand. The willing lady's head is steered like a motorcycle.

Caution: though clearly sexual stimuli for men, it is important for men to remember women do not always view it in the same context. Women often use ponytails just to keep hair out of their faces. The confused male should never just assume when a woman's hair is in a ponytail her head is ready for mounting. He should always ask first.
Greg: Hey, Betsy, I noticed from the water cooler you put your hair into a ponytail. Would you like to give me a blowjob?
Betsy: Fuck off, Dickwad!
Greg: Oh. Okay, maybe later, then.
by theinstigator December 18, 2013
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John: bruuhh

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John: bRuHhh

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Where a girl puts her hair up in a single rubber band.
So she can smack a bitch
So she can smack someone in the face with her hair
To try and impress someone
To give head

It also the most impossible thing to do when you have messy, snarled hair i do not reccomend it you will look terrible unless you have bobby pins to fix that shit
Do you have a bobby pin? I put my hair in a ponytail and it looks like crap.
by Henderson_2015 May 06, 2015
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1) the thing that's on a ponies butt

2) when a person with long hair puts it in a singular hair elastic
1) grr I got whipped in the face by a ponies tail

2) I put my hair in a pony tail for my camping trip
by Cell girl April 16, 2014
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Ponytail; verb. To grab a girl by her ponytail and remove her from whatever current situation she is in.
After drinking too much, Maddie began dancing with the wrong guy. Noticing the situation, Erin ponytailed her outside to safety.
by Anonymous@colgate October 31, 2005
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When u mean business and are about to go down on your boyfriend
boyfriend: i knew she meant business when she put her hair in a ponytail

girlfriend: smiles
by WooWoo ☀️ August 24, 2018
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A meme that took the Bioware Social Network by storm in anticipation for Dragon Age 2.

The second day of live feed from gamescom in Germany proved to be nothing but slow, dull hours of people standing by the DA2 booth and taking pictures in front of its poster.

Bored, the online viewers took note of one booth workers' Godly hairstyle of a long, blonde ponytail-braid. So enthralled were they that within just a couple hours; a Facebook page, several threads, a Chant of Ponytail (parody of DA:O's Chant of Light) and a social group on the Bioware forums had been created in honor of her.

Bioware remarked on it via Twitter, and Ponytail occasionally waved at the camera and appeared generally entertained by her sudden popularity from her self-titled army.
I was not left to stare into the endless depths of the ustream;
For there was no Llaidlaw, nor footage of gameplay either, for 8 hours.
But Ponytail appeared and shook her tresses;
and we found in her the beauty of a double rainbow.
- Ponytail Trials 1:14


Person 1: OMG! Ponytail just waved at the camera.
Person 2: Ponytail waved? My life is complete.
by SJnandez August 20, 2010
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