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Drug purchashing and inventory skills. The knowledge of how much weed one should get for a given price. Essentially, it is the typical street value for your area.
Can you believe he paid $50 for 2 grams! Man, that kid does NOT know his count. What a custy!
by eSentrik27 November 12, 2007
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what happens when you're iPhone (or other device) tries to autocorrect cunt.
This has since caught on to being used by people wanting a substitude more acceptable/funny way of saying cunt.
that dude is such a count... lol don't you mean cunt? damn autoINcorrect!
by zkpilot March 27, 2011
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A not so common term for a male vampire, usually one with a rich wardrobe
"A coat like that will make even the most tan of humans look like a noble Count"
by Timothy Ouellette August 19, 2007
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a specific time of day when inmates need to be in their house and the CO's (Correctional Officers) go cell by cell making sure that each inmate is accounted for. You are to be on you bed/bunk sitting up and awake during the process. this usually happens at least 3 times daily.
I took a nap this afternoon but had to wake up for count.
by NotYourAvgWhiteGirl March 15, 2009
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•To be of significance

• A low member of the nobility, or a high member of the gentry that has been awarded land.
Your opinion does not count...

The count has ordered the land owners to grant an extra pig to each serf, or pay them two groats a week.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 10, 2004
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an amoeba like person whom attend a school in the middle of gayness Florida.rides bicycles and enjoys energy drinks but not as much as 'batin
you see what you think is a chubby female pedophile its probably just a counts
by thebeartarp August 11, 2010
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