1. when women go out to dance in circles and men go out to hunt them

2. something done to seals
1. hey lets go out clubbing tonight

2. hey lets go out clubbing tonight
by Angy September 1, 2003
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A favourite activity of the moronic majority, this involves being shunted like cattle into a converted warehouse... sadly not to be slaughtered, but to wear ridiculous trendy clothes, listen to crap eardrum-shattering music, try to pick up brainless members of the opposite sex, and generally stand around aimlessly in a desperate but pointless attempt to show how cool you are.
Wanna go clubbing tonight?
by Alianne August 30, 2003
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ME: Hey guys let's go clubbing!
Kyle: Ya awesome! I'll bring my golf clubs!

(happiness for all ensues)
by Steveeee?#@$ April 16, 2008
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The act of paying ridiculous amounts of money to enter a dimly-lit, highly-flammable room just to dance for a few hours to overly repetitive music that a 5-year old composed. And you have to dress like you're going to a royal banquet or the bouncer will throw you out. Usually, illegal drugs are served so as to help the attendees tolerate the music.
My friend overdosed on ecstasy while clubbing last Friday.
by yup September 15, 2003
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1) what the player who has a club flush draw on the flop in poker does

2)the act of jamming or ramming a golf club into one's anus.
1) "Let's go clubbing, baby!"

2) "Do you guys want to loosen up and do a bit of clubbing before we hit the course?"

Wife asks her husband, "Hunny, why don't you ever use the drivers I got you last holiday?"

Husband replies, "Sweetie, only pros who have been clubbing for years are qualified to use drivers."
by v1Adds January 3, 2012
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Participating, individually or with a group, in the more active aspects of urban nightlife. Term encompasses both dancing and non-dancing participation, sexualized and non-sexualized, and usually refers to large, perception- or mood-altering venues. Suggests, but does not imply, the use of drugs or alcohol. Can be applied, though only loosely, to clubs in the suburbs.
I was macking on some random hottie and wishing they'd play anything Calderone; Jay was grinding to strobes in the main hall; Bess was reapplying the body glitter she'd rubbed off on everyone else, and Biff was gamely slamming Grey Goose with the DJ. It was another night clubbing.
by Mick J. September 2, 2003
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A popular college pastime involving 2x4's and baby seals.
Those animal rights people are out of town this weekend, wanna go clubbing?
by Dakas September 1, 2003
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