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La migliore nazionalità di sempre.
Fransisco: Gli italiani sono migliori degli irandesi.
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by FisherItaliano April 27, 2019
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italian, proud honest valued good people , the best food in all the land and have the worst temper imaginable. do not fuck with us. "salute" to any other italians reading this.
family orriented good natured people of italy or scicly.sono fiero essere italiano
by art_grando November 04, 2004
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1.) People of the nation Italy.
2.) The center of the Renaissance, which brought Europe out of the Dark Ages.
3.) Makers of fine automobiles.
4.) Hot chicks.
5.) And a badass bowl of pasta.
6.) Got taken over by that cockless son of a bitch, Mussolini, who got his when his ass was HANGED FROM A LIGHTPOST after some Italians decided they'd had enough of his shit.
7.) Not hairy, retards.
8.) Yeah, we do kick ass, thank you.
The Irish and Scots disrespectin' us again? Get my tommy gun Tony...
by Mr. Shmallow February 11, 2004
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A really smart, good-looking Mediterranean person with kick-ass food, families, and values.
There are only two kinds of people, Italians and those who wish they were.
by A-Man October 19, 2003
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A person from Italy.
I'm only 25% italian. I wish i was more. but italian is the biggest part of me.
by Anthony Scrima February 28, 2004
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A person from Italy or from Italian decent; sometimes speaks Italian or has family memebers who speak it(Or spoke it if they're dead) They are NOT ANYTHING like the Guidos who are "Italian". The image these fake American Guidos are making Italians as a whole look like the American snobby "Guidos". In fact, thinking this about the Italian culture, is a steryotype
by ARealItalian November 09, 2010
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