like mother but with a u instead of an o
you muther fucker or you muther rapisthead
by shaw barratt September 21, 2006
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A designation for the mother of all cunts. In fact it can be scientifically notated as: matriarchal vaginogenesis. Used as a compund descriptor of ones supreme cuntness. It can be used as a male title of mal-nobility as well or in general.
My sister walked in on me getting head from my boyfriend. She called me a whore! Said we interupted her playing 'vigaina D.J.' What a muther cunt!!!
by Mr. Nate December 1, 2014
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A satisfying alternative to the similar sounding offensive word "mother f******"
Originally used by Mother Hubbard circa 1805, when she found her cupboards were bare.
Can be used infront of children, infront of relatives, at the work place and at a place of worship.

To be used in times of despair or when someone has wronged you.

Only to be used as an expression of despair or disapproval but not to be used as a direct insult.
Opening a kitchen cupboard to find that there is no bone for your dog "Muther Hubbard"
Someone has taken the last rolo when you were actually saving it for yourself - "Muther Hubbard"
You have arrived at the airport in good time and there are no queues, but you are at the wrong airport "Muther Hubbard!"
by kayeffsea April 11, 2019
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(1)person whom Fornicates with thier maternal birth mechanism.

(2)a common insult among english speaking peoples,

it is a smart assed alternative to mother fucker.
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Any teenage boys way of getting around calling someone a "mother fk'er around adults.
Put the muther doker down.

You're a muther doker.
by DUDE DOWDY January 22, 2011
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An insult in leet terms for "your mother"/
Jeff: you're gay
John: j00 muther
by Daniel March 4, 2005
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