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Rebecca (or Becky as most people refer to) is one of the most beautiful and stunning women on this planet. She always listens and always tries her hardest. She'll put on a brave smile and make your day the best ever even when she has her own problems brewing in the background. She is one of a kind. If you get yourself a Rebecca don't let her go!!!
I love you Rebecca; don't think I'll ever be able to stop..
by Tiger 21/6/2013 December 10, 2016
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Wish this never happened. LMD
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Rebecca is the sweetest lil' girl you'll ever meet. Don't let her exterior fool you though she's highly intelligent (she has a higher grade point average than you), extremely hilarious, gorgeous. Sometimes her sense of humor can lead her to come off as wacky... but she loves to have fun, make jokes, and she's always the life of the party.
Friend: Rebecca, What's up?
Rebecca: *laughter* the funniest thing just happened to me!
by sexy.beasts.and.salad April 24, 2017
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Oh Rebecca! A caring, sassy lovable, weird (in a good way), and a BEAUTIFUL girl. She can be a bitch sometimes, but that's just how she rolls. She has the biggest, brightest, and gorgeous eyes. She has the confidence to tell people things straight up. Nothing gets in her way. If you meet a Rebecca, NEVER let her go. I swear, you will regret that. Rebecca is someone you can talk to and to trust. She never spills secrets because she will become your best friend. If you ever meet her :)
Hey Rebecca. Wow, that's a beautiful name!
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A beautiful girl who cant accept how pretty she is because she was bullied. She may not be everybodys cup of tea but it doesnt mean that you should make her life hell. I Love her. She is beautiful ,caring & loyal. Befriend a Rebecca whenever you can.!
Boy:She's beautiful & she doesn't know it.
Friend 1: It's because she was bullied.
Boy: What for she's amazing a right Rebecca.
by Glassheart April 10, 2012
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A Rebecca is normally smart and nice. She sticks to her word and never lets her friends down. She chooses her friends carefully and always repeats "I love you" to the same people. They repeat that or something as meaningful as that because they feel as is they don't say it, nobody will know it. They have a lot of self doubt so you must always remind them and show them how good they are at the skill. She has a few super close friends and the rest are just good friends. She has few enemies, keeps her allies close. She is a sporty girl normally and is very competitive at certain things. She likes the world when happy and tries to make everyone happy. She is very pretty but doubt every time someone tells her. If you know a Rebecca you must always treasure her.
Damn, she is such a Rebecca.
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by Elizabeth Callum January 21, 2017
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Rebecca is a friendly, kind and beautiful girl. Her personality is very colourful and she is always willing to help someone in need. She is usually happy and bubbly. Rebeccas have great senses of humour and are easy to talk to. Rebeccas are very good friends and great people to be around. Rebeccas are generally very smart and talented. Rebeccas are artistic and take risks. Rebeccas are courageous, energetic and determined. Rebeccas tend to be vey athletic and are dedicated to sports such as swimming, athletics, cycling and tennis. To impress a Rebecca is very hard however it is possible. Rebeccas are generally honest, kind and loyal. Rebeccas can be a lot of fun when they are in a good mood which is most of the time.
Haley: I dropped my shopping at the mall and this girl picked it up for me. She was incredibly friendly and I talked to her for a while. She was also very pretty and happy. I forgot to ask her name though.

Jade: With feautures like that, she must have been a Rebecca!
by picklesaretasty July 12, 2013
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