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A term that describes how the mobile phone has made a user, who can't live without it, a "digital prisoner."
Some schools are conducting "cell phone detox" sessions for students who suffer from withdrawal symptoms even for a few minutes.
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by MathPlus October 29, 2016
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The term the crack-heads across the street use to secretly talk about their drug or drugs. YEs, we know what you're talking about.
Katey: "Billy, where's my cell phone?"

Billy: "It's in your fucking hand you stupid bitch."

Katey: "Where's my cell phone?"

Billy: " You're fucking talking on it." (Then walks inside all angry and shit.)

Billy: (comes out, hands her something and says) "Here's your fucking cell phone!" (Bag of crack)

Katey: "It's not enough."

Then they argue for like a half an hour, then he finally says, "Bitch, HEAD SHOT! Fuck off and die!"

And they both squeal tires out of there driving in different directions.

loudest fucking neighbors ever, I swear.
by Abriel Ole September 02, 2016
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A small communication device that is very useful to the owner if it used right.

However, many people abuse this fact and multitask when they're driving and if they're doing work that requires monotasking.
An example of this? Just watch somebody driving and about 78% of the time you'll see someone blabbering away on a cell phone.
by Pheimos January 24, 2009
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A device that popular teenage girls use to waste their parents' money.
Lisa talked to her boyfriend on her cell phone for 9 days without stopping. The call cost her parents $50,000.
by Mike the Ekim April 09, 2005
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Objects which are beginning to be given to little girls in 2nd grade who have no place to go thus have no reason to hvae one except to show it off, which pisses me off. They prance around in their little midriff baring shirts trying to be Brotney Spears when infact they look like little spoiled riches bitch sluts, whose parents have no idea what the words Discipline, and hard work mean.
Becky: Like OMG Stacy I just got the coolest new cell.

Stacy: Like OMG we can use it when we drive our barbie jeeps around the block.

Me(overhearing the conversation): WTF
by Mia February 19, 2005
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back when their primary use was calling, it was like torture to go anywhere because every 5 seconds a random phone would ring. now that people use their cell phones mostly for texting and web browsing, life is better, though it's still slightly annoying to see everyone looking down at their phones.
*ring* *beep beep* *rrriiiinnnng*
random guy: hi
other guy: How's it going
me: crap cant you people turn off your cell phones for once do you realise how annoying they are?!!

*complete silence*
me: aahhhhh finally...
guy looking up from phone: what'd you say?
by Allanator July 04, 2011
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