The act of slowly losing hair from the head.
He is losing his hair, he is balding.
by 156298 July 15, 2014
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The process of losing hair due to stress or competitiveness.
Joe is balding, I think it is because he is highly stressed.
by WJENFFNG July 16, 2017
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when you're wig has been repeatedly snatched with such force and conviction that it takes parts of your real hair as well, thus making it seem like you're balding
"Charli XCX just released a new song, have you heard it yet??!"
by Zaniel November 29, 2021
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When your face is so good looking it is taking over the rest of your head.
You're bald.

I know. My face is so good looking it's taking over the rest of my head.
by allholy1 December 12, 2007
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Someone with no hair that likes the number 14
Badboyhalo is balled so people like Skeppy make fun of him by saying Baldboyhalo cause he has no hair
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When someone is deciding to be disrespectful towards you.
“Yo, stop acting fucking bald!”
“That dude over there is bald as hell for what he did to you.”
“I don’t fuck with bald people.”
by Tyjah February 11, 2019
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