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Critically acclaimed New Zealand director, best known for the LOTR Trilogy and King Kong. Ever since, Jackson has become a major Hollywood heavyweight, respected for his perfectionism, yet carefree kiwi attitude.

"Peter Jackson used to ride between the studios on a bike in shorts and a loose tee."
by Kingi May 13, 2007
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the new zealander director of the world famous Lord of The Rings trilogy among other not-so-famous movies.

clumsy, hobbit-looking fella with glasses.
a: hey, dude, have you seen the LOTR trilogy?
b: yes, it was awesome! i wonder who the master behind the production is...
a: oh, it is peter jackson.
by alperthereal February 10, 2004
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one of the best directors of our time, if only because he directed lord of the rings. He also did some other uber-cool films, like braindead, which you should never watch before or after eating, and especially not at 10 am.
Isn't Peter Jackson such an uber-cool director? I'm going to make films just like he does...
by theuniqueme February 16, 2005
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Peter Jackson is producing the HALO movie!!! choice
ohh and he did a few others 2... lol
halo is gonna be the shit, peter jackson is the man
by Princezz_mandy August 02, 2006
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The greatest and most genius director ever! Has directed many movies, but most famous for Lord of the Rings trilogy...
"Hey did you hear about Peter Jackson's newest movie?"
by Heather December 09, 2004
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Chubby filmmaker, director of fantasy films. See Michael Moore
Peter Jackson is working on a remake of King Kong, due out in Dec. 2005
by Jake March 20, 2005
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