supremely chique. handsome beyond description. geeky, yet bodaciously amazing. see also george
righteous! that is SO uber-cool!
by George August 25, 2003
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I bought some uber-cool pants the other day, they fit so snug on my hips.
by Sean June 2, 2004
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An adjective describing some of the coolest things on the face of the Earth. Amazing, sexy, handsome, anything in comparison inferior.
"Mike is the most uber cool person on Earth."
by Mike Lord of Coolness June 3, 2005
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technically means extremely or very cool, but most people who say it never just say cool, so its pretty much useless, unless you can use it with moderation.
guy1: lol, i just totally ownage pwnd these n00bs.
guy2: thats so uber cool, you should kill yourself.
by harlan entler May 3, 2005
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Uber comes from german for super. Cool comes from english for not hot. Together they indicate either an extremely low temperature, or something's coolness exceeding normal limits.
Thaddius: Dood you've been Haxxored.

Wang_Chung: That was uber cool, L33T!

Colonel_Angus: Woot!
by Thaddius_Mc_Nabb May 16, 2005
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Something that is really really unbelievably cool.
That new Commodore they just brought out is uber cool.
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
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cool supercool ultimate cool beyong thien cool and cooler than everyone on earth and everywhere

Caleb will always be ubercool and thien will not be ubercool

Logan isnt even close to ubercool but thien is beyond ubercool
thein is very ubercool beyond anyone else
by logan stark April 12, 2005
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