Showing that you really care,, or feeling bad for someone
Hitting someone and Susy saying "ohh"
by Diego March 23, 2003
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"yessss yessss harder gonna ohh <<splat>>"
by Anonymous August 1, 2003
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An expression meaning your lost or confused. In other words it could be as a form of jealousy or anger.
Bob: Do you want to go out for dinner later tonight?

Chris: No, sorry man ive got plans with my girl at 6.

Bob: ohh.
by Rick Miles April 13, 2017
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The sound that joshking makes when he is excited when seeing men.
Joshking-"Ohhhhhhhh woooo"
by Fez October 14, 2004
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Definition: "oHh" is a noise you make when you encounter something overly edgy and/or there is a sick burn/roast
Tyrone: You look like a watermelon head ass n*gga
Everyone: oHh
by TheRealoHh September 4, 2016
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Ohh Amelia, Ohh Ames, and Ohh Amelito all stem from an autocorrected version of ‘Iggy Azalea’ typed in the caption of a makeup Snapchat.

Used to express concern, stress, or anxiety.
‘Olivia got popped
Ohhhhh Amelia

Ohh Amelia: that’s so bad. I’m so worried.
by Peggyxx January 12, 2021
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a phrase often uttered during sexual actions.
ohh baby, do that one again!!

ohh baby, i like when you touch that so roughhhhh.
by jojoooo May 25, 2008
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