Big baller: Ay yo, Fonsworth. Fill up the PJ, we’re flying to Houston.

Fonsworth: right away sir
by Wilmadikfit609 September 14, 2021
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Short for project. Meaning project housing. I first learned this term attending university in New York and living in east harlem.

Most people in the projects do just want a better life, and for fucks sake they deserve it.
Also can be used, “jects”, the block
“We from the Pj’s” , and we ain’t Lyin.

Quattro was over at the Pj’s but now he on the block sellin’ weed to some whiteboy from the suburbs
by YungGucci April 11, 2021
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PJ is the shortened term for a personal joint /spliff/Zoot
Just having a pj mate !
by Wellsy and LeeBoy November 27, 2019
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Geez guys, go to a frat party. PJ is the alcoholic beverage that frats often serve to hundreds of people, usually made up of everclear mixed with koolaid or other cheap drink mixes and water. They usually make the pledges serve it out of huge plastic trash cans lined with black trash bags. You never really know just how much alochol is in it, so drink up but know that PJ can be tricky.
They are all out of beer? I guess I'll have to get another cup of PJ.
by angelagrace November 6, 2005
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PJ is that one sussy mother fucker that is crazy and stuff.
by allhailkiwi April 19, 2021
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PJ is amazing, sexy, hot, and...did I mention sexy? PJ's are usually tall, dark haired and mysterious. The best PJ's are the brunette ones and most PJ's have either golden hazel or green beautiful eyes! They are very athletic and have a GREAT, and I mean, GREAT body! Usually PJ's play hockey or soccer and live for the game. Any girl would be lucky to have a PJ because he will never cheat or hurt you like all the other assholes put there. If you ever find a PJ, never let him go, because honey you can't get any better than a PJ! He is freakin sex god:)
Girl 1 - That new kid is so cute and has a great body!
Girl 2 - He must be a PJ!
by Brunette Babe December 12, 2012
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A very sweet, chill, and cute person. Somone who you can cherish and like and be really great friends with forever. Has brown or hazel eyes and is pretty handsome and is one of the cutest. Also a great athlete and pretty strong.
PJ is so looked into my eyes and just smiled
by Mic B. October 25, 2017
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