When critics proclaim from the top of the mountains the greatness of something, it has been critically acclaimed.
Critically acclaimed storm-chaser Connor is known for his awesome storm-chasing abilities.
by rubadubdon May 28, 2010
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Critical Acclaim means to be looked upon very favorably by the Critics of any given industry. Broken down:

Critical (by the Critics)

Acclaim (Applause/cheer/acclamations)
Guy 1: man Guy 3 is really working hard on that painting, i think the judges are going to be impressed this year, he might win.

Guy 2: yeah he is aiming for Critical Acclaim all right.
by teh unforgiven August 4, 2010
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an awesome song by Avenged Sevenfold (a7x) that talks about how stupid americans can be.
Dude, critical acclaim is an awesome song.
by yourmommy1234 April 27, 2008
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Words you look for in wikipedia when you're trying to decide whether to buy a game.
The Last of Us received critical acclaim.

*takes out credit card*
by quynhtrang April 19, 2019
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