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1) a person who likes to dress and act differently to the other people in society, normally in black but some like much brighter colours. They tend to be thinkers and more often than not quite creative. They have a satyrical sense of humour, and are able to laugh at both themselves and other people. This type of goth originated in the late 80's with the "death" of punk; goths back then liked the style and the "protection" it offered and so emulated it in their own style. They listen to and appreciate all sorts of good music. They can be gay/depressed/weird/mentally disturbed, but more often than not they are just normal people.

2) an offshoot of the nu-metal clique who think that to *really* piss off their parents they'll dress all in black and talk about death and suicide whilst listening to Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Slipknot because it's "cool". They tend to have very little idea of the other type of goths (or anything else other than themselves for that matter) and will probably change their fashion once it becomes "uncool" again. Thank god.
1) I like this kind of goth and aspire to it.
2) I am not a "goth".
by Heather April 28, 2003

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The greatest show on ABC!
Did you watch Lost last Wednesday?
by Heather February 20, 2005

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It actually has a crocodile, not an alligator, as the logo. It's considered "preppy" by most people, and it often times seen with the collar popped. Made of high quality cotton ang go for about $70 in the states.
Guy 1- Hey, did you see that guy with the crocodile on his shirt?

Guy 2- Yeah, I think it was a Lacoste.
by Heather February 25, 2005

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A man's version of a camel toe. The result of wearing spandex, or pants that are way too tight--resulting in an unsightly bulge of his junk.
Check out the moose knucks on that freak!
by Heather January 01, 2005

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just to mess around with someone
Just joshin' you dude!
by heather December 21, 2003

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Full-figured female. Really "built."
That chick is a brick house.
by Heather October 04, 2003

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Much mother fucking wicked clown love
MMFWCL to all the los and lettes
by Heather June 21, 2004

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