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one of the best directors of our time, if only because he directed lord of the rings. He also did some other uber-cool films, like braindead, which you should never watch before or after eating, and especially not at 10 am.
Isn't Peter Jackson such an uber-cool director? I'm going to make films just like he does...
by theuniqueme February 16, 2005

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The best soap ever. in england it is aired on the bbc twice a day, and as well as covering some really deep and emotional storylines (custody battles, alcoholism, divorce etc) it has a really good blend of humour (tango lessons, lou and harold, fashion for the over-45's etc) as well as taking the mick out of soaps in general (recently, libby and susan got addicted to a brazilian soap, libby ended up sleeping with an actor guy from it (alessandro cortezzzzzzzzz)and then left, so lyn had to break the news in a bizzarly over-soapy manner 'she was orphaned as a child, had to fend for herself on a desert island, and has a condition where she goes mad'... fantastic).

You have to watch neighbours, because it is uber-fantastich!!
wots the haps in neighbours? its crazy an makin me cry
by theuniqueme February 16, 2005

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a busted jump is a jump done by the band busted, in which they hold a guitar and jump really high, bending their knees behind them, and often trying to hit a chord at the same time. Really good fun if you have to coreograph a dance at school and nedd to fill a few counts, just all do busted jumps!!
I think that we should all do a busted jump now, even if out dance is a slow and emotional ballad...ROCK N ROLL!!!
by theuniqueme February 16, 2005

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I am from telford, and i am a girl, but i am not a telford girl. Telford girls can often be referred to as 'townies' or 'chavs' and are the scum of the earth.
They like to set fire to school toilets, and have their hair gelled into a ponytail so tightly that if the bobble found out the hair would still be in the same place.
"I hate those telford girls, they just burnt down the school toilets again"
by theuniqueme March 20, 2005

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a magazine/radio station/tv channel that is all about rock music. But i only listen to the radio station (kerrang 105.2) so i'll write about that.
It does play rock (and hip-hop) and nicely insults busted, which is good. If kerrang play busted or mcfly i will scream. However, it does play some bad songs, like that stupid 'you can do it' song, which i hate with a vengeance. it also plays jay-z. pssh...
Oh my god, did you just hear what they played on kerrang? I hope it wasn;t busted, or i'll kick their asses...
by theuniqueme February 16, 2005

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a really lame band who i hate. Sure, what i went to school for was mildly amusing, but then it was jumped on by screaming ten year olds and was ruined...
My brother loves them (well, loved, they split up), and spent ages insisting that they were real rock, which they aren't they are just lazy pathetic pseudo-pop rubbish who wouldn't know rock if it jumped up and down in front of them naked.
And now the lead singer wants to make it in an emo band. He's an idiot with no commercial sense, because he has angered the girl-brigade who made him rich, so they won't buy his new stuff, and the people who he is trying to impress already hate him due to busteds rubbishness...
so yeah, thats busted...
i hate busted, they are really lame...
by theuniqueme February 16, 2005

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