A person who can hold his liquor.

Antonym: lightweight
damn those kids nat ev dylan and mike were some heavyweights, they would drink all night, pass out, and pick right up where they left off in the morning.
by natedog856 September 16, 2005
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Someone who is highly respected or famous owing to their deep knowledge of an academic subject or influence in society.
When a heavyweight writes, speaks or comments on their specialized subject, people listen, record, share and Tweet their views.
My dream seminar would be chaired by Steve Zaloga, Thomas Andersson, Simon Dunstan and Mikhail Bartinskiy because they are heavyweights on tank technology and history.
by Monk of War July 22, 2015
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A type of weed that makes you feel really damn heavy.
Ted- "yo blair, is it just me or do u feel really damn heavy all of a sudden?"
Blair- (laying on the floor) "are you kidding me!!! im getting pressed against the f*kin floor im so damn heavy."
Ted-"lmfao, they shuld call this shit heavyweight!!"
by tedmetsfins42 December 22, 2008
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Having tolerance to any drug, e.g Caffeine, Alcohol, Weed etc. and needing large amounts to feel an effect. For example Chronic Caffeine addicts and alcoholics are heavyweights, Although fat people are naturally heavyweights without tolerance as they need more blood concentration to feel something.
John: Did you feel that quad espresso from Starbucks?
Sam: not even, I drink 8 coffees a day and haven’t had a coffee zap since 2009, I’m a heavyweight.
by youlasty2 January 1, 2020
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A gangster or racketeer holding high status in the criminal underworld
Channel 5 News Reporter: “Late last night, around 10pm, a few Gambino heavyweights were taken into custody on racketeering charges. Names have not been revealed yet, but it is believed to have been a devastating blow to the crime family. More details coming later...”
by TheGoodGuy2x February 12, 2021
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used to mean something really good, bo, phat, shatpank, booshank etc
by AL April 26, 2004
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Romantic prospects who don’t take the hint after you’ve clearly told them you’re not interested.
Cody: Damn, Yasmin has been matching with heavyweights lately. They’ll hit her up for weeks after she clearly shut them down. I feel for her.
by YumseCj June 21, 2021
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