1.a religous circular object above ones head

2.a religous circular object put into an xbox
tim:did you kno god had a halo

me:no shit he had halo its the best game ever
by Nick Schuler June 19, 2007
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halo is a person who makes you happy when you are very sad even if they are sad as well, any message from them could instantly make you feel loved and appreciated, halo is someone i want to spend forever with and you would too if you met them. she is the most perfect person on earth, loving them feels good like peace. when they're sad it's hard to be happy because she will always make you feel better but when you try to make her happy it seems to not work, halo is someone you will never get over if you start to develop feelings but it's okay because you wont want to get over her anyways. they have the best taste in music but the worst taste in people, when something is off between you and halo you get a feeling in your stomach that doesn't hurt it just worries you but as soon as you two start a conversation later in the night you will feel all better. halo is someone to never leave you and when she makes a promise it's kept until the promise can be dropped or the promise is never broken, halo is honest all the time and understands when you get frustrated or upset, it's easy to talk about things just hard to build up the courage. halo is someone you love with all of your heart with a very very genuine type of love that you've never felt before, if you ever feel the love then you wouldn't want it to stop. in conclusion halo is the best, most amazing person you will meet in your entire life and if you have something bad to say about them, it's not true.
"today was amazing, i got to talk to halo all day!!"
by max,harris October 20, 2021
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1) bright glowing ring above the head of religious figures
2)a game for xbox and later PC made by bungie; considered by some to be the best game available on xbox
3) military parachute jump (hi altitude, low opening)
master chief jumping from a plane with a ring above his head would satisfy all three
by sir PEACH June 15, 2004
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1. without this game most guys would spend most of their time masturbating
2. code word: group, all male, masturbating.
3. electronic circle jerk, multiguy mission.
1. Pedro, come over we're gonna play Halo.
--Okay I'll bring the tissues.
by Yessel January 18, 2005
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Every morning there's a halo hanging from the corner of my girlfriend's four post bed. -- "Every Morning" by Sugar Ray
by hempick June 18, 2005
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A religious symbol ussually associated with the Bible and commonly used in paintings in the medieval era of saints etc.
A First Person Shooter for Xbox with an strong storyline, amusing physics, great multiplayer, and great controls. Slightly overrated.
The young girls heart was so pure you could practically see a halo over her head.

Halo, beer, and 16 people.
by Takun June 27, 2004
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In military it is an abbreviation for High Altitude-Low Opening. In terms of a para-jump special forces do it to avoid detection. Soldiers are dropped from a high altitude like 10,000 ft and freefall until they reach about 500 ft or below
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
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