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A guy that's like crazy perfect. He's tall and strong and will love his girlfriend unconditionally, no matter how crazy she is. Jacksons are usually really athletic, and modest about it too. The Jackson you know will be cute and will end up to be your whole life. Your fights will start as "you love me more" to "I love you to the moon and back, there's no way you love me more than I love you."

He'll put up with you and say he does it because he loves it. Or because it's his job, then tell you he loves his job. Jacksons are extremely modest, but strong in the emotionally, the mentally, and physically.You won't be able to get your Jackson out of your head. I promise you.

Overall, Jacksons are the best thing in the world. You won't go wrong if you find yourself one.
"Known Jackson for five years, haven't gotten over him since."
by redtipsandshowinghips June 25, 2013
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Jackson is usually a great cute guy with an amazing sense of humor, he is caring, sweet, smart and much more. Most Jackson's can be a dumbass sometimes but overall he is one of the most best friends you can ask for!
"Jackson, can you help me with something?"
by Depressed 4 LIFE December 03, 2018
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Jackson is a guy who you can count on. You could put your life on the line for him and he would do anything for his friends and family. You can tell him everything and he won't tell. Everybody just loves being around him because he is sweet, kind, funny, fun and

sometimes even charming. He makes life exciting. He will tease you but in the "everybody KNOWS I'm only kidding" way. He is handsome and has eyes that you can fall into. He is caring too! If you're crying, he'll make you feel better. If you feel hurt because someone called you something like ugly, he WILL SO tell them off and he makes you feel like the most special girl in the world! Everybody needs a Jackson in their world. PS: his other name is most likely Dragon.
Girl1: Ohmahgawd! That guy is so lovable and good looking!
Girl2: oh, he's probably a Jackson.
by SillyGirli June 14, 2013
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A fucking pimp, will take ur girl and fuck tour mom.
Damn bro, Jackson fucked my homies mom.
by Vox grimeyyy November 11, 2019
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A person of high energy and appeal. His intensity is both a blessing and a curse. His spontaneity and enthusiasm are inspiring but at times exhausting. He is easily loved and a pure joy to all who meet him. His zest for life is contagious.
Everyone needs a Jackson to make life interesting.
by momofthree February 02, 2010
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One of the funniest people you will ever meet in your life. You can tell and talk to him about anything and everything. He's that total 'Guy next door' kind of guy, you start off thinking you'll definitely just be friends with him and then slowly you'll find yourself falling for him. He is very blunt and always says exactly whats on his mind, never afraid to hold anything back so it comes out kind of rude sometimes which is sometimes not the best thing. For the most part he's your best friend and he always will be, that'll never change. If you don't have a jackson in your life, I strongly suggest you find one.
Person 1: Dude I heard that kid talking the other day and he is funny as hell
Person 2: Yeah thats jackson :)
by 0187283 October 16, 2010
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