A clean, upscale chain of restaurants primarily located on the eastern coast of America. They sell a variety of delicious, high-quality food from soups to sandwiches to desserts. Also featured are their fresh bread and healthy, low-carb options.

Contrary to what the other commenter stated, Panera is never out of stock when I go there.
The food place where yuppies stand on long lines and furiously press the buttons on their Motorola phones as they attempt to order a sandwich.
by anonymous December 11, 2004
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An amazing place to eat and relax. The food has a great variety of soups, sandwiches, coffee, pastries, salads, etc. They also offer free wifi. It's also a great place to work and they pay pretty well
Customer: Instead of this bread can i get this one and instead of this soup can i get this one and can i substitue this whole thing for something completely different?
Me the cashier: yes of course.
cause at Panera we pretty much never go by the menu, you can pick any bread or soup or salad or pretty much any combination
by TheChelz February 4, 2006
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A common misspelling of the band Pantera, where they just forgot the "t".
The founder of Panera most likely named his restaurant chain after this kickass band, but there was just a typo.
by Cats in Hats & Hats in Cats January 11, 2011
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Every common white girl in the Ocean City, Maryland area's favorite place to eat.
Hey Payton let's go to Panera!
by Mr. Sackrider June 1, 2014
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A pseudonym for a girl that Nathan clearly is desperate to fuck, but doesn't have the balls to admit it.
Nathan: I have never been to Panera before and it's making me anxious
Jimmy: Sure, PANERA is making you anxious *wink*
Nathan: What do you mean by that?
Jimmy: You are clearly desperate to fuck but don't have the balls to admit it.
Nathan: Are we still talking about soup?
Jimmy: No we are talking about Panera *Wink*
Nathan: Jimmy, I know where you sleep and I will fucking end you.
by WilsonFist February 25, 2022
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1) 2nd worst employer, following OfficeMax. A bakery-cafe with incredible food on the menu, but never in stock. The location of the definition of fraudulent business ethics. Not where one wants to be caught during lunch rush on weekdays, or post-church rush on Sundays.
2) Hell on earth.
Fred: I just went to Panera for lunch.
Joe: Oh really? What did you order?
Fred: Well, I was going to order a sandwich but they ran out of bread and meat.
Joe: Typical.
by hell'semployee October 15, 2004
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Bakery and restaurant where soccer moms from hardcore red-state territory in the midwest go to feel like cool european liberals. Home of overpriced, sub-par sandwiches with fake european names.
I'm going Panera to get a Venti Paninni Sandwiche du Fromage.
by kturk May 21, 2005
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