You know you're from Maryland if.
Going on vacation means going to Ocean City for the weekend.
You live within 10 square miles of snobby white people ghetto black people and rednecks.
You can't have french fries without either vinegar or old bay seasoning
Battle of the Beltways is infamous with the rivalries between the Baltimore and Washington D.C sports teams
You get annoyed when people say your from the south
You get annoyed when people say your from the northeast
You went to Port Discovery as a child
You took Maryland state history in the 4th grade
If you don't play lacrosse you know at least 20 people who do.
You always wear sun glasses regardless of what the weather is like outside.
You have broken up a crab before.
You know at least 5 people who are or were in the Navy.
You know what gogo music is.
A weekend road-trip means either going to historic southern Maryland or Downtown Annapolis.
You grill seafood regularly
You hate everything about Northern Virginia
You know a handful of people who work for the government.
You have worn your state flag in some way shape or form.
Every time you go to a large chain restaurant you see at least two people wearing suits.
You went to Sandy Point State Park as a child and thought it was really exotic.
You have been cut of by a car with 20,000 dollar rims on a 2,000 dollar car.
School gets closed for an inch of snow
You either have or have known people who work at Six Flags for their summer job
" Hey Jerry what state are you from ?"
" I'm from Maryland. "
by Silverfalcon May 20, 2013
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A little bit of everywhere else, plus an ass ton of Old Bay seasoning.
Maryland is the only place where you can purchase Old Bay flavored potato chips.
by mandarinmarie August 29, 2005
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America in minature. There is basically nothing in america that won't also be found in maryland. we have the rich and the poor, farmland, beaches, cities, oceans, and bays, republicans and democrats, anything you name it. We have the orioles and the ravens who kick butt most of the time. Baltimore, which might as well be the capital, is the stronghold of maryland. in baltimore you will notice an accent that is different from the rest of the people in maryland cause yes we do say stuff like wooder instead of water. o yea, and if you live in maryland and don't eat the famous crabs, you are considered to be weird. in short, maryland is the best state to live in if you want to experience america.
person 1: i want to live in one place but still explore all of america
person 2: o just move to maryland then.
by maryland chica May 18, 2005
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The state with the biggest identity crisis in America. Parts of it like DC and Baltimore are extremely ghetto, with two of the top 5 murder rates in the country. Balto is the heroine capital of the world. Suburbs like Potomac are Bethesda are among the richest and most well educated in the country, and populated by lawyers and doctors with preppy rich children who drive Benz's. To the far west, you have the type of hicks that live in West Virginia up in the Appalachian mountains. To the south and the east you have the kind of hicks you might find in Mississippi. In Ocean City you have retired people who decided to go live on the beach. Around the bay area, you have a lot of fisherman. Maryland may be mixed up, but the crabs are damn good.
Q: What do you get when you mix a drug dealer, a mass murderer, a nascar driver and a fisherman?

A: A Marylander
by murrrrrland December 21, 2004
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Where the crabs are damn good, where the "Hood" is in a suburb, where one of the richest counties is 20 minutes away from D.C., where D.C. is D dot C dot, where the UMD Terrapins will smash anybody, where there is a tree every two feet and where you can be shot(B-more) 30 minutes away from a bougie neighborhood.
by PB Panther-ette July 23, 2005
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Seventh state admitted to Union. Population, ~5.5 million. Has one of the country's largest metro areas (Baltimore-Washington corridor), one of the larger public universities in the country (UMD), and once proud sports franchises (Orioles). Has a dual identity, as it's both a Mid-Atlantic state and a Southern state, because it's south of the Mason-Dixon Line.
"The chaining and gagging of Bobby Seale / Somebody tell these Maryland Governors to be for real." - Gil Scott-Heron
by madprophetridx June 20, 2003
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Literally the only place in the world where people will willingly chug Old Bay
"Oh my gosh, what the hell is he drinking??"

"Um.... Old Bay. We're in Maryland. Duh."
by Politely Vulgar June 6, 2017
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