A bard that drinks a lot of alcohol in the tavern. Says "ehe" to Paimon, and can kill Timmie's birds in an instant.
by Retsdf5 February 6, 2021
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gay looking god who has cool puffy pants, hat and god knows how long it took to make that cape. Anyways VENTI PLS COME HOME.
Person 1 (Whale): Hey did you get Venti yet
Person 2(FTP): No what about you?
Person 1: c3 Venti
Person 2: fuck you
by valrune March 7, 2021
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venti is a very attractive god from the game genshin impact. he is also known as barbatos. also known as ventilator. he is over 2600 years old and plays the lyre he is perfect in every way. anyway PLEASE COME HOME VENTI
person 1: whoa who is that hot person with the cool ass braids?

person 2: oh your talking about venti! i love him more than anyone. he is so cool.
by venti is god May 9, 2021
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Venti? That femboy i simp for? Hes the best. I love him. Anyways HE CAME HOME DURING HIS BANNER RE RUN AND IM SO HAPPYY
And why do people ship xiaoven i dont understand but im not against the ship either
Paimon: hey! did you borrow the holy lyre just to play for the drunkards to hear?
Venti: ehe
by Venti'sxmp April 19, 2021
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a bard
hehe wind go swish swoosh
that green fellow from genshin impact
“Ventio, O Ventio, wherefore art thou Ventio?”
-every person who wanted Venti
by ESHDhanaura July 10, 2021
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