A fucking kickass metal band that has, believe it or not, made a special appearance in Spongebob Squarepants' episode of "Pre-Hibernation Week". Fast ass drum beats and awesome riffs make up this band.
by Fuck Halo 2. November 6, 2004
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Heavy fucking southern heavy metal. Dimebag Darrell and his brothers being the pioneers of the band, taking the fuck the rest, we're the heavyiest shit ever, attitude.
Panter is some heavy shit, Dimebag's guitar sounds like a chainsaw with strings.
by MetalIsLife November 15, 2004
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1) Dimebag Darrell was the guitarist of Pantera, until some jag-off shot him.
by Joe Friday July 6, 2005
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Far beyond driven Heavy Metal Pioneers who changed the style of heavy metal and shattered the trend and hail from the south. These hardcore motherfuckers Reinvented what Heavy Metal stands for, until the misfortunate break up of the band caused by Phil Aselmo and Rex Brown's alternative band discoveries in down and Aselmo's Superjoint Ritual, and to the death of former Pantera Axe Grinder Dimebag. Nathan Gale is a fucking tool and will rott in hell for eternity.
Pantera Is The Shit, heavy metal is the shit, its the only kind of music that you can get into a fight and still be having an awsome time.
by Pantallicayerivium February 26, 2006
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The Best Metal Band to ever walk the earth
and the only one that never has and mostlikely the only one that never will sell out.
Dimebag of pantera Was the rock god of the guitar
by xTc666xTc August 8, 2005
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Possibly the closest thing to "gods" as we know it. Dimebag Darrel was unfortunately shot by this retard. Their music was just that, MUSIC! It wasn't pre-packaged crap that is run down into the ground by MTV. Those who do not know of Pantera can go shove broken glass into their uretha and colon.
This girl asked me "Who's Pantera? Do they support Animal Liberation like I do?" So I drew my .45 and emptied a few into her cranium.
by Samuel Macon May 5, 2006
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One of, if not the most kickass metal band in the world. A band from Arlington, Texas that released some of the most legendary albums like Cowboys From Hell. Famous for vocalist Phil Anselmo's rip-roaring vocals and guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott's expertise with that axe. Tensions and creative differences split the band up, and Dime and Phil each started their own projects. Phil started many bands such as Down and Superjoint Ritual, while Dime and his brother Vinnie (Pantera's drummer) started their own band, called Damageplan. On December 8, 2004, (coincidentially the same day John Lennon was killed 24 years earlier) Dime was shot and killed by a fan who was obviously in huge need of mental help, as Damageplan was performing in Colombus, Ohio. RIP.
If you say you don't like Pantera purely out of distaste for metal, fine, but if you're going to bitch about how it's "too loud", then you need to have a pair of balls surgically attached to your groin.

If I ever find the grave of that fucktard who killed Dimebag, I'm going to dig up his remains and take a good, long piss on them.

You want proof that Pantera kicks ass? Ask Maddox (thebestpageintheuniverse.com).
by Paul Wooten August 18, 2006
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