pseudonym ツ is my pseudonym
by pseudonym ツ October 20, 2020
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noun: false name used-
1. as a stage name for entertainers,
2. conceal the identity of someone,
3. piss off a person temporarily in charge, i.e. substitute teacher.
1. Ringo Starr is the pseudonym used by Richard Starkey, famous drummer and member of The Beatles.
2. The FBI operative who gave information to Woodward and Bernstein concerning the Watergate break-in was known as "Deep Throat" to hide his true identity.
3. Some of my favorite pseudonyms used to upset substitute teachers are Chuck U. Farley, Dick Hertz, Mike Hunt, Mike Ockisore, Harry Pomms, Mike Rotchitchez, and Harry Bolles.
by earpuller September 22, 2005
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My pseudonym is hardboi69.
by hardboi69 October 24, 2018
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Something that Urban Dictionary asks you for when you publish a word to the site. Something that the average human being would not know the definition to.
Your pseudonym: ____________
by imwideawake August 16, 2012
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My pseudonym is longer than your pseudonym...
by omonis April 13, 2004
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A nickname used to masquer your identity for privacy reasons or so you won't get caught doing something naughty.
Prince is the singer with the most pseudonyms.

Didda Tinkle is my obscure pseudonym.
by Didda Tinkle July 6, 2004
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