a slang term for peyote

originates from the appearance of the harvested section of the cactus
native americans trip on buttons during spiritual rituals
by DarwinB May 21, 2008
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remote control for the TV or other electronic hardware
Has anyone seen the buttons?
by uktedsmith December 22, 2007
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Mafia slang for soldiers or hitmen... First seen in "The Godfather"
The Don sent some buttons to whack Johnny Tight Lips
by woodeh April 24, 2006
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Term describing the decorative screws/bolts that can be found around the outside edge of expensive rims. Many sets of rims can be bought with or without "buttons".
"I just bought me some blades with the buttons."
by Tim CCC July 21, 2007
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an object with buttons, esp. a handheld device like a remote control or cordless phone
This show sucks. Pass me the buttons.
by foltor August 8, 2005
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Street name for the particular British-manufactured quaalude, "Mandrax."
by Siegfried Zaga May 22, 2005
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a game where you pass out soda and a certain number has a tablet of LSD in it. good luck finding the button.
by anna March 28, 2005
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