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The sea between the horizon and the offshore
There was an ominous cloud in the offing.
by AlterLynx October 20, 2017
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An Italian Mafia term used to describe murdering someone. Similar to other Mafioso terms such as whack or hit.
"I sure as shit ain't gonna be the one offing that guy without permission from the Boss. He's a made-man for God's sake. What do you think I am, a fuckin' stugatz"?
by Vkngfan76 April 20, 2016
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Action taken by a mafia boss against certain individuals that have fallen out of favor with the organization.
Upon learning that an associate had misappropriated funds belonging the organization, the Don had to make the difficult decision of ordering the offing of the misguided associate.
by RunningMama_26 April 22, 2016
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