i concour with you whole heartedly my islamic brother called mohamed (Mo Fo)
Mo Fo: Dat shit is wack dude
Ankeet: Oh Fo Mo Sho!!!!
by greg poogayness March 6, 2005
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1. West Brook High School dirtleg planning on graduating in the year 2004. But grades or attendance records may keep some from making that accomplishment. (GED is there only option after failure of graduating.) 2. Cock gobbler. 3. Person who gets drunk off of nonalcoholic drinks (Usually consisting of Sun Kist soda and tap water.) 4. Often uses vegetables (pickles, squash, potatoes, etc.) as sexual toys. 5. Has sexual intercourse up the rectum (Doggy style) on a ladder while singing some David Allan Coe. 6. Often seen on the sandy creek bottoms having sexual intercourse on the rag (red sand).
oh fo fo sho dog
by haywood jablowme April 28, 2003
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