A group of people who is unaware of what is trending now.
People who never heard of anything popular now.
Group of teenagers who never care of anything trending or wear any clothes from any popular stores, Only stuck with any clothes they want to wear and don't care.; Never follows the fashion trends.
Never heard of any top hits.
Is a teenager or kid but acts so old school.
Omg that person is so outdated! She tuck her shirt in, wore mom jeans, and wear dirty tennis shoes and they are not even J's! What is she?! 2005?!
He is so outdated, that he is unaware of anything popular on vine and he didn't even have a smartphone!
by TheUrbanGirlNextDoor November 2, 2014
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When a meme is dead like (From 2018 or less) and has not been revived ever since.
Guy 1: *post a dead meme with outdated humor*

Guy 2: Bro that's so cringe why use outdated humor memes in this year bruh

Guy 1: Oh I did not know that meme was dead sorry.
by zpowers June 2, 2023
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Dumb laws that are outdated, but are still the rules and regulations.
A person in Detroit may not tie an alligator to a fire hydrant because it is one of many outdated laws.
by Loretta621 February 2, 2012
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Markett: Dayyyum (damn) this rap music be hardcore.

John: Quiet, you piece of outdated farm equipment.

Markett: What the @#!~ you just say?
by FuzZo July 17, 2006
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a bandori tiktok creator who post edits, jokes, and i don’t know the rest.
“oh himariueharas tagged me in the 80th post today”

himariueharas (going to be outdated soon i think)- noun i think.
by catgirlrei February 25, 2021
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the outadated trend affect is when a "trend" becomes outdated and no longer valid. take a game for an example, lets say someone is playing a game that is not popular anymore, when a person sees that, they will have an almost exact reaction as the following: ooooooooohhhhhhh you're playing amogus, you're living in the passssssssst.
someone could like to play said game, but an effect similar to peer pressure will occur, the person could stop playing the game, that they could have spend a large amount of money one, such as any nintendo game. with how fast trends get sent to the shadow realm, someone could have just bought something, but its already invalid.
i have no need to put anything here

uhhhhhhhh outdated trend effect i am being forced to put that there
by BUTTER STUDIOS June 24, 2023
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