1) n. The place in Norway to work.

2) adj. Unavailable for drinking/partying due to being on a rig.

3) v. Tricked, conned, or otherwise persuaded into going offshore.
1) I work offshore, we watch plasma TV's on coffee break.

2) I was offshore for the last 4 weekends.

3) I was supposed to be home for the holidays, but I got offshored. Looks like this year I'll have an offshore christmas instead.
by vaeren December 17, 2006
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Losing a good paying job to a non-North American country often resulting in cost savings to greedy corporations at the expense of quality.
"...no I'm not with Microsoft any more, my job got offshored to Bangalore. I hear my old customers are frustrated by the thick accents and out of touch nature."
by mangicake January 27, 2009
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Offshoring is a practice where companies pay foreign workers 1/3 the pay for work (such as software development). What compaines fail to understand is that it takes the offshore workers 4 times as long to perform their work, and the resulting product is sub-par at best.
Local programmer makes $60.00 / hour.

The company decides to use offshoring to send the work to India for $20.00 / hour.

Instead of taking 8 hours to write a program locally (for a total of $480.00) they offshore the work and it takes 32 hours (for a total of $640.00) and the resulting program has text like:
"For more instruction be to clicking the yes button."

Pay more, get worse products, and take longer to get it done.
by Joe Blow Programmer April 4, 2007
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the sending of work from the developed world to the cheaper destinations or developing world like Philipines,India...
Earlier the offshore meant just sending the manual software IT work to cheaper destinations.Now its the quality work or R&D center.Typical cases been MICROSOFT,ADOBE and so on..
Man!! I am jobless since my work has been offshorized to India.
I have got awesome hike,I am owning the offshorized work of Adobe for cloud computing in India.
by zatsure May 12, 2013
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When incompetent overpaid fuckbitches like Kyle here fail to make enough money for their employers to make it worthwhile for said employers to pay for their websurfing and porn searching, and are then bangalored in favor of even more incompetent but underpaid fuckbitches being paid an eighth as much, the event is called offshoring.
A: I hear IBM is offshoring 11,000 jobs to that shithole India.
B: Afraid some Indian's going to do your job as well as you at an eighth of your salary?

by Job Thief May 10, 2006
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When Asia, India, Pakistan, and all those gay third-world countries steal jobs from America. They are not as skilled as the Americans they stole the job from, and are too stupid to realize they are getting paid very little compared to Americans.
by Kyle May 18, 2004
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The practice of leaving the country for the explicit purpose of engaging in sex.
"We're headed to Costa Rica because we heard that there is great opportunity for offshore drilling there."
by Srini Balasubrian July 16, 2008
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