This person is just so great. He will always be the guy who takes your breath away without trying. He is the most amazing. The girl who has him is the luckiest person in this whole universe! This one special man is the most amazing, most caring, most loving, most concerning. He keeps loving and loving and never stops. His looks are everything a girl wants. This person knows what to say at the right time, knows when to comfort at the right time. Being a Craig is a honor, becuase he sets the bar so high!
Danielle-> Wow look at him!!
Shelby-> I know, hes a craig : ) He makes me smile!
Danielle-> Aw man your lucky to have a craig, wish bob could act like a craig....
by FANMWU May 14, 2009
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Craig is sexy hot and a really great guy <3

he is great to be around and funny...... he is also a great kisser and AMAZING IN BED ...... or on the couch which ever he picks ..... i promise u it will be amazing ....... just dont take another girls craig she will kill u
emily : OMG ...
steff : what ?
emily : i had sex with craig last night

steff : omg how was it craigs are apparently amazing
emily : EVEN BETTER !!!
by squeezyhuggs February 24, 2013
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The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is funny, thoughtful, intelligent, understanding and above all: a bad ass. He is never afraid to try something new even when he knows it will probably turn out bad. He's on the internet too much. He may come off as a hipster but usually not. Loves music. Hates stupid people (who doesn't). As a friend, he might seem like a gay best friend. He's there for his girl-friends to listen to their problems and help them through it. But he is far from gay. As a boyfriend, you will not find someone more loving. He is honest, caring, sexy and is always there to make her laugh whether she needs it or not. When he says he is in love he means it until the very end of time. Nothing could come between him and his love for her. The girl who has him is the luckiest girl in the world and if she has any sense at all, she will not let him go for anything.
"Why am I laughing so hard around this kid? He's awesome!"

"He's Craig, that's why!"

"Wow, that makes a lot of sense now..."
by Wiggles416 August 25, 2011
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A name derived from Scottish myth, Craig was infamously known as the "Keeper of the Mountain". This name was also very popular in the mid 70's.

Now in recent days, the name Craig is a name for a man who is tirelessly being awesome and doing things that are extremely rad. When you see a Craig, you know he's..

"Doin' It For The Ladies"
Jay: Hey, Pete, did you see Craig?

Pete: Yeah man..

Jay: How the hell did he do it...? I mean, he can't dance, but he took every girl home that night, i mean..all of them..there was like...57 girls there man..

Pete:..Yeah, I counted as well, but you know Craig..he's..

Jay: Doin't it for the ladies...
by mekon_ACE February 04, 2010
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An individual who has an insatiable need for Taco Bell, has no recollection of anything he does or says while intoxicated, and gets entirely whipped over girls easily
For a good time, ... call craig
by craigfanatic February 04, 2010
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