Guy 1 :"Hey man are you a greg"
Guy 2:"nah im a craig"
Guy 1 :"then yoy shall perish
by Bablinga August 13, 2020
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A sweet and quiet guy that you’ve known forever and would think to be timid and shy that turns out to be the best dickin’ you’ve ever had...
My week was horrible until I got to see Craig. That boy knows his way around a woman....
by NurseAngela January 26, 2019
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A mischievous and very open person. He is not afraid to speak about his opinions and morals. You will always enjoy a time with a Craig around. A Craig is also generally athletic, hardworking and many ladies even view him as handsome.
How the heck did Craig do that?
by Geborene konig November 25, 2018
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A handsome man who will go to the ends of the earth for someone else and don't usually expect anything in return. He's a perfect sensitive guy, but covers that up with his strong physicality and mentality. He is highly intelligent and multi talented which you’ll only know once you get to know him as he’s incredibly humble. Be warned: Craigs’ are exceedingly stubborn.
This stain is as stubborn as a Craig!
by Miss P. Ness January 21, 2019
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HANDSOME! .. Also meaning rock similar to pebbles ... A male penguin offers a female penguin a pebble if she accepts it they become partners ... find yourself a craig who will give you a pebble!!
Look at craig, he's the most handsomest hooooman!
by PenguinPebble June 5, 2019
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The most perfect human in all of humanity. Very athletic and smart. They are truly flawless when it comes to looks. Usually, Craig's have dark hair and are very tall.
Oh my gosh look it's Craig

FOR REAL??? Where!!!!??
by helloitsyofavegirl December 3, 2014
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(noun) a good friend that ALWAYS makes you laugh; usually tall and athletic; a good listener and someone who has your back.
" Craig is my best friend; he always has my back."
by besthumanever September 22, 2015
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