1. Menacing, threatening .

2. Of or being an omen, especially an evil one.
Downtown looks ominous today......
by 1337manlolnubcake September 27, 2009
A large type of man usually found lurking places many dare not venture. Often times on edge and bitching about a Kaiser and is usually under the impression that he can do whatever you're doing better.
Damn you see that ominous bastard at the lan? he's one fat sob.
by aC BIAATTCCHHH June 30, 2004
an indication of difficult times ahead.
While my wife is on the phone she keeps saying to the other person, "Well, I'll have to discuss that with Tim", so ominous.
by timsworld July 17, 2020
Grave, Threatening "something that is perceived to have a bad outcome", "does not bode well"
A feeling we're struck by when perceiving a threat, mostly through what we see or hear.
"The employee made a grave mistake, and his boss looks at him Ominously".
"The ship sailed into treacherous waters, now ominously surrounded by rocks under shallow water"
"The survivor of the crash, finds him self in an ominously looking landscape".
"As Indiana Jones walks into the pitch black cave, he is met with an Ominously loud shriek echoing from further in".
by Guardian H-H June 19, 2015
origin: Darren Hayes' MySpace video blogs.

A feeling of something being ominous - "an omnipresent intergalactic one-ness."
Darren: That note is giving this podcast a feeling of ominence. Is that even a word?
Shave: Ominence? Is it like imminence?
Darren: Well, like, if something is omiNOUS, can it be a feeling of ominence?
Shave: I would like you to call me "Your Ominence" from now on.
by Nicola Hassapis November 11, 2006
an ominic is a weird outrageous person with no remource on how they treat other poeple. people describ them as selfish yet soemtimes nice. they sometimes an ominic will pet your head becuase of there past life as a dog. it is woderful to meet an ominic
"he/she looks like an ominic"
when you try to say "Ominous" but can't say it right
Person 1 - dude this is so "Ominism"
Person 2 - do you mean "Ominious"?
by AMONGUS-SUS July 15, 2022