A woman's neck and shoulders. Most women will toss you in the rejection bin if they notice your eyes wandering below the horizon upon first meeting.
"Hi, nice to meet you."
(Unfortunately, you become dazzled by her well-filled black sequin tank top.)
"Excuse me, my eyes are up here. Buh bye."
(Damn, got shot down below the horizon again.)
by Frankie1969 August 5, 2010
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the time of the month for males to bleed like niagra falls (man version of ovulating).
damn justin was an asswhole he's defiantly on his horizon.
by adam frye January 11, 2015
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the most cracked zr player on the whole planet.
dude horizon just won another solo event. he's insane
by Wompus69 August 24, 2020
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When you see someone or something from far away.
Yo I saw you on the horizon the other day at the mall.
by TheWakiPaki October 7, 2008
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An amazing person all around. The best and nicest person you'll ever meet. They can sometimes be very shy when meeting new people but are very outgoing when comfortable.
Damn! Horizon is so nice!
by Love12563 September 12, 2016
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Uber online gamer who enjoys long walks on the beach and competition.
You - Wad up HoRz?
HoRiZoN - Nuttin much G.
by HoRiZoN August 10, 2004
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The crack that runs down the middle of your arse.
Where did he kiss you, the middle of your bottom? Well, just to the left of the cleftal horizon.
by Happy Flappy Gilmore July 25, 2010
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