with the advent of the vaporizer the word CLOUD is used to refer to the vapor inside the clear plastic bag attachedment because it looks like a cloud and is wáter inside the bag rather than smoke.
hey dude, stop bogarting the bag and pass it over here while there is still some cloud in there.
by von strudelburg October 18, 2013
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1. a floating piece of cotton candy
2. a floating piece of water in the sky
3. that one blonde dude from final fantasy ##
4. a massive chunk of water vapor that is gathered and condensed together and when it reaches a certain density, the water molecules will become to heavy to stay a float, creating rain.
I wish i could eat cloud...

wow, lookit all the clouds

cloud strife is one emo kid

the clouds look like they're gonna rain
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Main character of final fantasy 7
Wears a massive sword on his back
by Zhent January 8, 2004
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a white marsh-mallow thing in the sky that makes water and scarey sounds
Anyone that thinks the true difinition of CLOUD is "the guy from FF7" is a true nerd
by the guy from that place November 20, 2006
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pot smoke; smoke around when you exhale
when somebody is tryin to get high off ur smoke

"hey, you, get off my cloud" - method man
by Hot Nixon March 28, 2008
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