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OWD is an acronym for 'Off-White Dilemma'. OWD usually refers to a person who is "off-white" (that is, someone who is not of full white or is of non-Euro descent) who tries hard to make him/herself or their people "whiter" than they actually are.

A typical tactic of someone with OWD would be dismissing a large segment of his or her own people, even going so far as using them as scapegoats for any characteristic he may deem negative. The endemic kind of OWD is denying the facts when it comes to how people physically look like - Such as when some South European or West Asian person embellishes the extent of blonde hair or blue eyes in their country, and for what reason? Because of a need to make their ethnicity seem lighter than it really is.

OWD is exhibited by people based on an ideal 'racial hierarchy'. A person who suffers from OWD, knows that whatever racial hierarchical ideal they believe in, their racial group does not fit it. So what do they do? They try to tweak facts, figures, anything to put them closer to that racial ideal.

All in all, OWD-ism is a sign of self-hate and an inferiority complex, which also reeks of a Nazism complex. This OWD phenomena is basically; a desire to ethnically fit in better into a mainstream majority society and in the West, these have always been whites. If this were an Asian dominated society, people would have off-yellow dilemma, etc. Any other group deviant to them has been subjected to OWD, other European groups included.
OWD sufferer 1: There's no way this guy is a Spaniard. He is too swarthy for our ethnicity. Oh, but that Swedish guy can definitely pass as a Spaniard!

OWD sufferer 2: Listen you swarthy Arab, you Lebanese and Armenians don't look like Greeks because you people are NOT European and will never be it! Us Greeks are European and therefore we resemble Germans, Dutch and Brits and have ties with them!

OWD sufferer 3: Hey! Kurds and Turks look nothing like Arabs and Persians you troll. But Greeks and Italians do definitely resemble Kurds and Turks!

OWD sufferer 4: Listen troll, my insert Southern European/Levantine ethnicity have a lot of blondes and blue eyed people. We are far from swarthy! We look more akin to central Europeans and pass off better there.
by Aquarii November 29, 2018
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On word doe

Something you can relate to; another saying for i know right
"These bitches been on my dick lately"
by The Hood TransIator November 19, 2018
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Others Will Disagree. Used when you know your statement will be unpopular. Similar to IMHO but more assertive and less phoney.
by skow69 March 25, 2014
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Abbreviation of Open Water Diver; obtained through a PADI course or any other diver certifying places.
Mallori is an OWD. She got her certification from PADI.
by yaaah. October 18, 2007
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Pinxton (Nottinghamshire) slang for “old”. Mainly used by Jordan and Baz
Alright me “owd” China pot
by Lefty_scum October 21, 2020
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