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If you ever find you a mallori you will find out that she is a beautiful,young woman of God, her laugh will captivate you it will be one of the things you love about her, along with her kindness, beauty, and patience. Her hair with its redish brown glow will mesmerize you. Although she might be defined as "bad luck" she is the exact opposite of that I know from personal experience. If you have a mallori in your life you have a precious and talented woman there.
by Never leave a rose on a beach January 21, 2017
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Mallori is the most beautiful creature in the world. She lights up a room and turns every head when she enters. She will make you fall in love at the drop of a hat and you'll never get over her. She is very loyal to her friends and family and tries to see the good in people.Mallori will always have your back. She is kind and passionate about the things she believes in. Mallori is super intelligent, she may even be the smartest person on the planet. Don't try to outwit her, you will lose. She is wise. Mallori is not one to be messed with. She will cut you to pieces with mere words or her quick Jackie Chan like fists. She will make you wish you had dug your own grave and buried yourself if you cross the line with her or someone she loves. she is extremely stubborn. Her stubbornness sometimes gets her into trouble, but its nothing her amazingly gorgeous smile and sparkling eyes cant get her out of. Mallori is a very confident girl but may be insecure about where she stands in all of her relationships. People often take her for granted and then kick themselves when she is gone. Because when she's gone, she's gone forever. Once you've had a Mallori, life will never be the same. You will always want more. She knows what she wants and she always gets it. She's weird and crazy and there is never a dull moment with her. Mallori has very neat handwriting and loves cats and dogs. She is also the funniest person anyone will ever meet. No one is funnier than a Mallori. Not even Jesus.
Hey, who is that creature? She's literally everything anyone could ever want. A perfect mixture of everything good in life.

Who that? That's a Mallori. Be careful, she will break your heart . She's perfection
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by ILYKEBIGBUTTZZ November 16, 2017
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Meaning bad luck. Derived from the latin word Mal, which means bad. To have this name, is to be prideful, arogant, but brilliant and gentle. Passion flows through the name, as well as pride and significance.
Mallori Shortridge worked in the field of Anthropology and had a keen eye for significant human interactions. Mallori's studies include cultures of, mexico, Peru, Ireland, and eventually New Guinea.
by Rachel Dean June 11, 2008
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