In My Humble (Honest) Opinion, as in "Speaking IMHO" - A disclaimer of sorts, used on blogs, message boards, forums etc.; used to clarify that the statement being made should not be quoted as a fact, but only as an opinion.
1) Speaking IMHO, I think everyone should have a job of some sort.
2) IMHO, you are a looser.
3) IMHO, this is the best answer.
4) Freedom of speech is Speaking IMHO
by Lil_Stinker August 3, 2009
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Supposedly "in my humble opinion", this is always said before someone makes an asshole comment that is not at all humble. Much like "no offense" precedes an offensive comment.
"Your girlfriend is an ugly bitch...IMHO."
by Not Humble June 27, 2009
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Misha: *tweets* IMHO, J & J had a late one last night.
by Master of the Mishamigos February 25, 2011
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"You're not that hot, IMHO."
by Felicia January 31, 2003
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IMHO, Jasmine is probably a lezbo. Like I said, only my opinion.
by Ali Butz May 28, 2008
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an acronym for In My Honest Opinion
used by those online idiots, who feel the need to make absolutely sure that readers will understand that what they have just said(or are about to say) is their opinion and not their granny's/dog's etc.
Idoit: I think XYZ game is sooo cool IMHO it has teh graphics which wonzor doom3
anyone with half a brain: Umm O.K
by ? March 6, 2004
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