Adjective used to describe any person with a dark complexion.
"After his freak tanning clinic accident, he surely can't be surprised that he earned the nick-name 'Swarthy Harvey', can he?!"
by mrepic January 26, 2005
To be Don Juan-like, but with an ulterior motive, like getting into an impressionable younger coworker's pants. Usually sports a moustache.
The girls at the office whispered around the water cooler about swarthy Juan Carlos' banging the receptionist.
by Spalker September 29, 2005
Dirty older men with moustaches, who have darker or tannish skin and raspy voices.
That swarthy man by the daycare is saying "OHHHHHMYGAAAAWD."
by Caley Martin January 6, 2004
Did Jick tell you to look this up? Well it means "full of swart"
This is a very swarthy pirate. His swart knows no bounds.
by xanth3 November 23, 2007
of or characterized by swarth. from the verb to swarth, meaning to accumulate at an amazing rate or obtain by ignobel means.

refers also to the practice of cracking software and firmware in the warez scenes.

it literally means of dark complexion, but is undergoing semantic shift.
yo swarthy, you swarth the last beer?

dontcha swarth up all the smokin' weed, swarthmonger.

eh swarth, can you swarth a copy of winders 98 for my consessional archive?
by zen June 11, 2005
Possessing of much swart or to be full of swart.
This is a very swarthy pirate. His swart knows no bounds.
by emetic July 21, 2004
Used to describe a wigger so authentic in their emulation of black culture that their skin appears a few shades darker.
"He might be white, but that boy is swarthy on the mic."

"No, he's not black, but he tans well."
by Lee Bjerg June 4, 2005